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Hi Ros

Thank you so much for a wonderful service and experience. I have received several messages form most guests across all walks of life.

Amazing comments about your staff, company and food. Although the space became a challenge but your possitive attitude of finding a solution was greately appreciated, although Amos and I did’nt get a chance to eat our friends have told us that the food was delicious. I also want to thank you and your staff for not hesitationg to service my function in the township, this was highly appreciated by all of us, it shows that SA has achieved a lot and we are definately a progressing country. Most white owned companies make unfounded statements and do not want to come to townships while havent even made an attempt, they believe that it’s unsafe. I had an opportunity to thank your team on their departure, and two young girls told me that they appreciated the opportunity to be in a differnt environment and they enjoyed every minute of it, they were threated with respect and this will be lifetime experince for them. I was touched and moved by such comment, and it shows that the opportunity came from your positive attitude in agreeing to take my business.