Top 10 Food & Catering Trends 2016

Olive_Twist_logoOur Pick of the Top 10 Food & Catering Trends 2016  

We’ve selected our 10 favourite trends for 2016 from influential chefs, caterers and food lovers that will  have you salivating for more!


Food & Dining


catering-durban1: Craft Beverages 

The craft beverage movement has been gaining traction since around 2012 and covers more than just the popular craft beer variety to include various virgin and alcohol infused cocktails that are perfect for the summer months. A simple alternative that has also seen a rise in popularity is water infusions that include fruits, vegetables and herbs. Apéritifs and digestifs are poised for a comeback in 2016 and are a great addition to any mealtime, enhancing appetite and digestion.



catering-kzn2: Vegetables

Have vegetables ever gone off trend? They’ve had their fair share of the spotlight as various fads in the health and wellness camp, be it the kale, quinoa or juicing whims of 2015. 2016 is the year of the vegetable with the rise in popularity of urban home gardening kits and herb walls coupled with negative media and scientific opinion on meat products.

The  benefits of growing your own encompasses the therapeutic nature of gardening and the satisfaction of reaping the fruits of your labour. Vegetables are now being used as a replacement for carbs with broccoli and cauliflower filling in for our doughy delights.


catering-durban-north3: Fewer Ingredients that are Well Prepared

Simple dishes with powerful yet complimentary flavours have been forecast for 2016. We couldn’t agree more. Fewer ingredients allow for meticulous attention to detail and experimentation. This minimalist approach to ingredient selection opens up a whole new chapter of taste. We  hope your kitchen is ready. Time to experiment.  



event-catering-durban4: African Flavours

Chefs the world over have a newfound love for African Cuisine, sparked by accessibility to uniquely African spices and influences. You can expect the dishes from Africa on dinner tables around the world.This year give the rest of Africa a chance, get cooking Africa style.  



conference-catering5: Indigenous Condiments & Spices

African and Asian pickles, sauces and spices will take centre stage in 2016 with the likes of Sriracha, Wasabi and artisanal spins on various ethnic spices, pastes and pickles. 2016 is set to be a year of hot, hot, hot. We’ve got quite a selection here in SA, so make good use of our spicy repertoire.



Catering & Events


wedding-caterers-durban1: Unique Cocktails

Put a creative spin on your drinks menu with alternative craft cocktails and craft beers that break the mould with a mix of flavours that are sure to leave a tasty impression on the lips of your guests. Better yet, pair them with your main course for a refreshing culinary experience.




catering-companies-south-africa2: Source local

Make use of  local food sources. Whether your fresh produce comes from a community farming initiative or your local farmers market, keep it local. Going local extends to artisanal bread, spices and condiments and affords your menu unique flavours that are native to your location. As a bonus, your service can boast its social responsibility and social investment in support of local business and community upliftment.



party-catering-durban3: Strolling Buffets

Why should those conveyer belts that cart sushi to and fro be reserved for your favourite sushi spot? Build your own or hire to add an interactive touch to your next event. Strolling buffets enhance the social(experiential over social?)  aspect of your event and allow for creative decor executions that are sure to keep your guests entertained. Bonus tip: Get creative by using the strolling buffet for more than just food, we’re keen to delight our guests with strolling buffet surprises.



catering-chef4: Interactive Chef Stations

Enhance your guest’s experience of your event with interactive chef stations. Chef stations are a great way to visually entice your guests while filling your venue with the  mouth-watering aromas of a meal under construction.




olive-twist-catering5: Event = Experience

Take your guests on a culinary experience, seek to add value to your event through guest education via information bites on the event menu highlighting the history of the meals  on the menu, the nuances of preparation that result in the desired flavours and include the trends above. It will also keep your guests entertained as your event proceeds. Bonus tip: Include a QR code/url on your menu so that guests can rate your event and the quality of their culinary experience. An awesome guest experience = an awesome event.         

That’s our pick of Top 10 Food & Catering Trends 2016. Do you Agree?  



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