To Refrigerate or not to Refrigerate?

To Refrigerate or not to Refrigerate?

Are you storing your fruit and veg based on old wives tales?


A question that often goes unasked, when it comes to fresh produce is, what’s the deal with optimal fruit and veg storage? To refrigerate or not to refrigerate?

We’ve put together a list of fruits and vegetables and their optimal storage conditions. As it turns out, some are better off on the kitchen counter than in the cool confines of the refrigerator.


Fruits* Refrigerate Ripen then Refrigerate Room Temperature Only

(more than 7 days)

(less than 7 days)

Apricots  *
Avocado  *
Berries  *
Cherries  *
Citrus Fruits  *
Cut Fruit  *
Figs  *
Grapes  *
Kiwi  *
Mangoes  *
Melons  *
Nectarines  *
Papayas  *
Peaches  *
Pears  *
Pineapple  *
Plums  *
Pomegranates  *


Keep fruits and vegetables separate as fruits give off ethylene that will cause detrimental ripening on the rest of your fresh produce.  


Vegetables Refrigerate Room Temperature Only
Artichokes  *
Asparagus  *
Basil (in water) Place in a vase and cover with a Ziploc bag to extend longevity and freshness.
Beets  *
Broccoli  *
Brussel Sprouts  *
Cabbage  *
Carrots  *
Cauliflower  *
Celery  *
Cucumber (1-3 days)
Cut Vegetables  *
Eggplant (1-3 days)
Garlic  *
Ginger  *
Green Onions  *
Green Beans  *
Herbs (not basil)  *
Leafy Vegetables  *
Leeks  *
Lettuce  *
Mushrooms  *
Onions  *
Peas  *
Peppers (1-3 days)  *
Potatoes  *
Pumpkins  *
Radishes  *
Spinach  *
Sprouts  *
Summer Squashes  *
Sweet Corn  *
Sweet Potatoes  *
Tomatoes  *
Winter Squashes  *


Optimal storage of your fruit and veg increases the longevity of your produce and enables meals that exhibit the full nutrition and flavour profile of each ingredient, which results in meals that leave a lasting impression on your palate.



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